Source code migration to GitHub

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to write about the ongoing migration to GitHub and source code revamping I’m currently carrying out.

Since the beginning of this sketchbook it’s been my intention to provide with the source code of the projects with the hope that anyone finds it valuable as a complement for the articles. So far this had been done in a less-than-ideal way by attaching zip/rar files with the contents of a Visual Studio solution. Some other times this hasn’t been even possible since the code depended on my internal libraries and therefore it was hard to isolate. My intention is therefore to slowly migrate the existing code from SVN to git, reorganize the library dependencies as git submodules so this no longer becomes a limitation to distribute code, and upload the suitable projects to GitHub.

Another change will be moving to cross-platform development. So far I’ve been developing primary under Windows/VS, but this has become a limitation the times I’ve been asked about, for example, a Mac versions of a given plugin. Instead of having to compile the code for each version of Windows/Mac/Linux available out there, I’m removing the dependency on the IDE so that the interested people are able to build the code themselves (this will hopefully help finding bugs as well). For this I’m using CMake, which is a cross-platform build system which from a description file will be able to generate Visual Studio solutions under windows, GCC makefiles under Linux, and so on so forth. One exception to this will be the C# projects, for which I’m sticking to Windows for now.

So the GitHub repository can be found at – I’ll be fleshing it out in the next weeks, please let me know of any issue you may find.

Please bear with me as these are quite big changes and I’m also learning as I go 🙂 hopefully it’ll be much better in the long run.


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